I found the cause of my heart murmurs.

Because I will join the company this April, I had a Medical examination at a nearby hospital. The doctor told me I had murmurs in the heart and should have it checked out.

Since I was a junior high school student, Doctors told me the same thing every time I had a medical examination. I had an echocardiogram of my heart when first pointed out to me.

The result of the examination was no problem. So I didn’t overthink it though I didn’t understand why I had murmured in my heart(there may have been a detailed explanation, but I forget).

Since then, when they pointed it out to me, I told the doctor that I had a detailed heart examination and there was no problem.

So I also told the doctor the same thing this time, but her reaction was different. She said to me, “The heart noise in a child is different from that in an adult. So it would be best if you got it checked”. I decided to follow her instructions.

As a result, I finally understood the cause of the heart noise at my age.

In my heart, two of the four valves do not close perfectly. There is a slight gap. So when the heart pumps blood, there is a little backflow of blood at the two valves, which causes the heart murmur.

When I heard that, I was worried about my health. However, the level of concern is so slight that there is no problem in daily life. I can exercise just as well as healthy people. So I am relieved.

I have never felt any abnormalities in my heart, but I was a little worried because the doctor told me I should get it checked.

Incidentally, my sister also had heart murmurs. She also received the same examination as me, and there was no problem. Because of this, I asked the doctor, “Is there a genetic connection?” She answered, “I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think it has anything to do with it.”

I will probably continue to get caught up in the heartbeat test, so I’ll note it here not to forget the cause of my heart murmurs.

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