I got the third dose of the corona vaccine.

This morning, I went to a group vaccination for the Corona vaccine.

My first and second vaccine is made by Pfizer, but this third vaccine is by Moderna.

Before making the appointment, I wondered, “Would it be okay if I got the vaccine made by Moderna instead of Pfizer?” But according to the following information, there is a possibility that it is better to alternate vaccinations because it increases the number of antibodies that protect against the virus.

“Effects and Adverse Reactions of the third dose of the Corona vaccines: The Difference Between Moderna and Pfizer.”

After getting the Corona vaccine, I always get a fever of 38.5 degrees Celsius. So I will suffer from fever and fatigue again. Even though I got the vaccine a couple of hours ago, I already have some pain in my arm. I am very anxious.

There are already discussions about the 4th vaccination. When I heard that, I thought, “how many more times will they make me get it…?”

I will start working next month, so I had the third vaccination. But I may not receive the fourth vaccination because of such a heavy burden on the body.

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