Place to see fireflies in Osaka

About two weeks ago, I went to Kuromaro no Sato in south Osaka for fireflies with my family.

Fireflies appear in early June and do not appear when it rains. In addition, it is most suitable for hot and humid weather with no wind. The time should be around 20 or 21 o’clock.

We went there in the middle of June when it was raining on and off. So We see only a few fireflies, but it was so beautiful to see them glowing. I think they are Genji-botaru (Luciola cruciata) because they live on the riverside.

Genji-botaru (from Google’s search results)

I wanted to take pictures, but I couldn’t because it’s very dark and their glowing is weak.

There was another visitor at the place we visited, and he told us that he had seen many more fireflies last week. So next year I would like to visit earlier in the season.

If you are interested in fireflies, I recommend visiting this place.

Thank you.

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